Monday, 29 July 2013

Streets Alive : No Fit State Circus Community

Clifton Street in Cardiff was closed for the day last Saturday. Wise move really as the traffic wouldn't have been able to get through the hundreds of people who turned out in the pouring rain to see breath-taking stunts from No Fit State Circus alongside line-dancing grandmothers
and children breaking the street hula-hooping record for the city.

It was fantastic and a wonderful prelude to the opening of the Four Elms Centre this Autumn:
Wales' first permanent professional & community circus training facility.

Here are just a few images from the day - pity you can't hear the laughter, applause & gasps from the crowd. Some of the performers were really risking life & limb in the deluge: wet hands and flying trapeze don't mix well.

Adie Delaney back down to earth

these toddlers show the line-dancers a few new moves . .

there were workshops throughout the day

this young fellah in the crowd was watching the Chinese Pole act slipping in the torrential rain

the response from the local residents was overwhelmingly positive . . . I get the feeling the Four Elms Centre will thrive from the moment the doors open

his tattoo spells 'Lion' in Hebrew

Daniel led the Finale . . .

for the Four Elms it's just the beginning.

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  1. Lovely stuff, Paddy. Have linked it from the NoFit State Archive timeline.